From Aintree to Manchester Airport: The Life and Times of our Founder.

Here at Veass, one of our primary aims is to create authentic and reliable relationships with our clients. Whether you’ve been with us for a while or are completely new to the company, we thought it would be helpful to introduce you to our team of hardworking and friendly individuals. Eager to find out more before you start your journey with us? Kick back and grab a cuppa as we delve into the life and times of Jackie Hutchinson, founder of Virtual Executive Assistant Support Services (VEASS). 


 It’s about making my clients and staff happy these days, which matters the most to me!’

Born in Aintree, Liverpool to hardworking parents, Jackie was taught the importance of responsibility from a very young age.  Her parents instilled strong values and educated her on the rights and wrongs of life; eventually leading her to become the strong-minded and hardworking woman she is today. 


Unlike most children, Jackie had a passion for playing with her Post Office set as a youngster. The handling of the money was somewhat enticing to Jackie and would eventually inspire her to undertake a fruitful 25-year career with The Barclays Group. Who would’ve known?  

In the late 70’s, Jackie went on to join the @LiverpoolCanningPlace branch and swiftly progressed to a Training Officer role, training back office staff  who processed transactions. After spending five years in Northampton as a Sales Trainer for @Barclaycard, she moved on and settled in Knutsford, Cheshire to work as an area manager for @BarclaysMerchantServices. The rewards from working with such an exceptional team have stayed with Jackie for the many years following her position at Barclays.  If you’re interested in finding out more about what qualities make a great team leader, be sure to give this article a quick read: 

When Francesca (Jackie’s daughter, we’ll introduce her next time!) turned 5 years old, she decided she needed a better work life balance and looked to a change of career as she entered her 40’s. 

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