Why hire a Virtual Executive Assistant?

Why hire a Virtual Executive Assistant? Well, in today’s busy world, where technology has resulted in the expectation of immediate responses and immediate results, it is often hard for business leaders to keep it with it all. There’s the endless volume of emails to respond to, the phone calls to answer, and that’s not to mention the level of administration that comes with running a modern-day business. So, if you’re sat there right now, with a pile of admin in front of you and another 548 emails waiting to be responded to (that have come in since Friday evening by the way), do read on, as it sounds to us like a Virtual Executive Assistant (also known as a Virtual PA) could be the solution you need.

But why hire a Virtual Executive Assistant? Well, let us answer that for you….

  1. Take over your Diary Management

If you’re at the point where, quite frankly, you can’t see the wood from the trees in your working day, a Virtual PA can help. They can schedule and plan your time to help give your day structure and focus, without the need for working until 10pm every night! They can also introduce task management to help you to make time for those all-important, business-critical tasks. Think of it another way, why spend 2-3 hours a day organising your diary, booking in meetings, etc. when you could spend 2-3 hours working on your business growth strategy or other valuable company activities?

  1. Email management

Linked closely to Diary Management is Email Management, and this can vary depending on your needs. You may wish to just have a one-off or monthly email detox for example. In this instance your Virtual Assistant will clear out and file your inbox, making it much easier to locate what you need. Or, you may choose to let your Virtual Executive Assistant manage your emails on a day-to-day basis, so you just need to ‘dip-in’ and review the important communications.

  1. Arranging meetings

Be it virtual or face-to-face, for 2 people or 20, a virtual PA can manage everything from liaising with all parties over availability, to setting up Zoom meetings/booking a room, ordering refreshments and circulating the agenda. Think of the amount of time that will save!

  1. Produce documentation

Whether you are looking for a Board Report, Company Policy, or Mail Merge to be undertaken, virtual PAs will handle it all for you. They’ll work to your company guidelines around brand and style, and follow company procedures when it comes to sharing the documentation as well.

  1. Booking travel and accommodation

We all are looking forward to the day when we can travel for any reason, but if you need to travel for essential work purposes, your Virtual PA service can manage it all. From booking taxis and train/plane tickets to sourcing the best hotel to stay in based on your requirements – you just worry about the reason for the travel and let your Virtual PA sort everything else for you.

  1. Manage your online presence

We live in the world of social media, where business leaders are expected to not only have an online presence but an active one. Some of the best leaders are those who use this online presence to shape the conversation. It may be around a particular industry, or interest, whatever approach you decide to take, a Virtual Executive Assistant can help.

  1. Save yourself costs

Stepping away from the practical ways that a Virtual Executive Assistant can help you, there is also a very clear bottom-line benefit. A Virtual Executive Assistant can save your business money. So much so, that Outsourceworkers.com reports that a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year. That’s mainly because you only pay for the hours you need and you can also save on the additional costs of permanent employees (e.g. pension and holidays).

So, if you are looking to save yourself time and money, why not speak to a Virtual Executive Assistant and even give one a go for a few weeks? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

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