Transcription and minuting

Transcription and Minuting

Affordable transcription and minuting services

Here at VEASS, we offer quality and reliable transcription and minuting services for businesses as part of our virtual secretarial services. Our responsive team can often turn these documents around within 24 business hours, all whilst ensuring accuracy. We understand that you spend enough time in meetings, so why would you want to transcribe them?

With a great eye for detail and excellent levels of written English, our transcribers will ensure that nothing is missed, allowing for detailed and accurate meeting notes to be captured that have clear outcomes and actions. Compliance, governance, and evidence of such, are key records within many business sectors, and the VEASS transcription and minuting service will give you this evidence.

What type of transcription and minuting service do you need?

Detailed notes – Audio and Video

Need a 3 hour meeting recording condensed down into a top level summary document? No worries, we will extract all of the key information, discussion points and actions and provide these.

Note taking transcription

Similar to verbatim this service will capture everything someone says, how they say it and when? Easily review group contributions and understand when someone said something.

Verbatim Audio & Video

Verbatim transcriptions provide a full transcript of the meeting which was captured using audio or video, with filler words such as ‘er’ ‘umm’ or ‘ahh’ removed. However, if you need these leaving in, just let us know.

Meeting minute transcription

Reliable, accurate and easy to read, our traditional meeting minuting services means that your meeting is fully documented and stored for reference and auditing purposes.

A service for every situation

Whether human resource or legal matters, business planning to team meetings, with our Transcription and Minuting Services, we can help you and your business.

When have we been called on in the past?

Our team has assisted with all types of transcription services, but a lot of our clients call on us to transcribe the likes of team meetings, performance reviews and Board meetings to name just a few.

Our transcription services can also be used with our Project Management Services.

Board Meetings

Capture, circulate and store – all in an accurate and timely way.

1-2-1 Performance Management

Review and record employee performance in a timely manner timely.


Discrete and reliable, we’ll support you when you need us the most.

HR investigation meetings

Ensure these meetings are recorded accurately and timely, and stored appropriately.

I have been delighted with the service I have received from VEASS Business Support.
Even if you have reasonable keyboard skills when it comes to typing lengthy documents or reports, it is so easy to let Jackie and VEASS do it for you. ​It makes so much sense to let them do the work for me, so I can focus on running the business or actually taking some well-deserved time for myself. The service is fast, efficient, and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Without their intervention and marvellous support and knowledge through Christmas it allowed myself and the Board to get some focus on the year ahead.
enbarr foundation
enbarr foundation
I could continue adding to this list to describe how I feel about the amazing team @VEASS – Suffice to say that my life would be incomplete without them!
Sandra Kirkham
Sandra Kirkham

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