Call Handling

Call Handling

Professional And Timely Call Handling Services from just £25 per month!

Our UK-based call handling service is one of our many virtual executive assistant solutions for businesses. It helps you to make the right first, and lasting impression on your customers.

When you outsource your receptionist to us, your dedicated VEASS Call Handler will take the time to understand your business and services, as well as your brand persona. Your e-receptionist will also take the time to familiarise themself with any frequently asked questions to may encounter so that we can represent your business in the best possible way.

The benefits of Call Handling

By choosing VEASS as your call handling solution, you’ll enjoy many benefits such as;

  • Cost savings: Avoid the need to employ a full-time receptionist and all the employer costs that come with it, just call on your e-receptionist to handle your incoming calls
  • Time savings: By choosing to take advantage of a virtual reception service, you can gain valuable time because as well ad your inbound calls, you can also divert other calls to us when needed
  • Professional and responsive: We’ll follow your systems and processes to ensure enquiries get to the right team as quickly as possible.

Every business is different, and as your needs change, so can we. So rest assured that our call answering solution will be there when you need it, no matter the time of day.

Friendly and professional

People like to talk to people. We may live in a world dominated by technology, but sometimes this can be more hassle than it’s worth. Maintain excellent customer relations by allowing your customers to contact your business when they need to, in the way they want to.


Whether you are on another call and need to divert or simply are too busy to answer the phone, send your calls our way and we will take care of the rest. Our team will ensure that you / your team receives an accurate message in a timely manner, using whatever electronic system you have.

Flexible and scalable

Our flexible approach means that you can not only decide the types of calls you want us to manage, but you can also call on us to cover the likes of sickness, planned holidays or bespoke sales campaigns. We can step in and support you at short notice.

Save time and money

Allow your team to focus on their day job and free yourself to do the same without the commitment or costs of having to hire a full-time receptionist. Our team of call handlers can handle it all – from handling enquiries to inbound sales or even complaints. We won’t let you down.

How our call answering service works

We take a straight forward approach to your call answering needs. We won’t try and baffle you with science or bamboozle you with added extras, we simply follow these steps to ensure your business needs are met.

Understand your needs

Whether you are a MD of a multi-million pound company, or a company owner of a SME, we want to understand you, your requirements and your pinch points. And our consultative approach enables us to do just that. Once we know this information, we can understand and recommend the most efficient solution for you.

Your account is setup

Our on-boarding is quick and straight forward. We will set you up on our system, and depending on the package you need, quickly set-up the likes of a new number, create agreed scripts and assign your Personal Assistant who will then get up to speed on your business, ready to start managing your calls.

Go live!

Your call handling service will go live, but don’t worry, our trusted team will keep in contact with you to let you know how it’s going, suggest improvements and if applicable, provide regular reports.

I have been delighted with the service I have received from VEASS Business Support.
Even if you have reasonable keyboard skills when it comes to typing lengthy documents or reports, it is so easy to let Jackie and VEASS do it for you. ​It makes so much sense to let them do the work for me, so I can focus on running the business or actually taking some well-deserved time for myself. The service is fast, efficient, and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Without their intervention and marvellous support and knowledge through Christmas it allowed myself and the Board to get some focus on the year ahead.
enbarr foundation
enbarr foundation
I could continue adding to this list to describe how I feel about the amazing team @VEASS – Suffice to say that my life would be incomplete without them!
Sandra Kirkham
Sandra Kirkham

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