The Face Behind the Tweets: Say Hello to our Social Media Mogul.

Welcome back to our monthly blog where we’ll be introducing you to the hardworking, friendly team here at Veass. Last time we delved into the life and times of our founder, Jackie Hutchinson, so if you missed it, you can give it a read here:

This month, we’ll be taking a glance into the life of Francesca Hutchinson (yes, you guessed it, she’s Jackie’s daughter!).

Ever wondered who the face is behind our tweets? Francesca works hard creating content for our social media platforms to keep you updated on not only the ins-and-outs of Veass, but worldwide news as well.

The utilisation of social media platforms can be hugely beneficial for you and your business. Not only can it aid in boosting connections (which is super important for Virtual Assistance), but it can also increase awareness for your brand and help boost sales. Below, you can find the websites that helped Francesca on her social media journey since starting up at Veass. Research is essential if you’re new to social media management and are aiming to improve your engagement:

So, how did it all start?

Francesca grew up in Knutsford, Cheshire to parents Jackie and Tony. After attending secondary school at Knutsford Academy, Francesca decided to begin her venture into the world of fashion at Mid Cheshire College in Hartford. Subsequent to her time at Mid Cheshire, she decided it was time to undertake a challenging 4-year Menswear Design course at the Manchester Fashion Institute whereupon she secured an impressive 2:1 degree – congrats Francesca!

During her time at university, she decided to broaden her horizons and embark on a year long trip to Amsterdam for placement at Denim City. This trip solidified Francesca’s love for fashion and influenced her desire for a career in the industry. Click here to find out more about what Francesca got up to during her time at Denim City:

With a striking work ethic and a drive for success, Francesca hopes to one day boast her skillsets and develop her own clothing brand. In the meantime, she’ll be demonstrating her love for social media management and everything that comes with it!

Next time…

For the next monthly blog, we’ll be taking a dive into the life, times and career of team member, Amy Kelly. Amy will be giving you an insight into areas such as inbox management, training event organisation and data input, so make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter page (@VeassLtd) for updates!

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