What does a Call Handling Service do?

What does a Call Handling Service do? Well, a Call Handling Service gives business owners and leaders the chance to divert some or all of their calls to an external call handler, and there are various reasons why a business may want to do this.

Inbound sales calls

Every sales call is like gold dust to a business, especially in the current economic climate where it’s tough for businesses to survive, never mind thrive. And with businesses having to make use of the Government’s furlough scheme, many are struggling to effectively run their business. So, by directing inbound sales calls to a Virtual Assistant, we can effectively replace your sales team, and act as an extension to your business that helps you captivate on all sales opportunities.

Using the likes of your Customer Relationship Management system, we can capture all opportunities, and assign those that we cannot deal with to a member of the team for follow-up.

Holiday Cover

Whether it’s holiday cover for the company MD’s mobile number or holiday cover for all incoming enquiries to the mainline, a virtual call handling service has you covered. We can allocate designated numbers for your business and support you to programme your phone network and divert where needed. Then, when you’re ready, the divert is removed and it’s back to business as usual.

Never miss another call

Diverting calls when you are in a meeting or on another call is another way that call handling can support you. This means you will never miss another call again. This is particularly useful for businesses with international connections, where time differences can often mean that calls will come in at all times. Thanks to this service, these never need to go unanswered.


A Call Handling Service will act as a seamless extension to your business. Your customer won’t know that they have been diverted and our level of service will be just as good as your team normally provides. Your dedicated Virtual Assistant will take the time to understand your business and industry in order to provide a high-quality call handling service.

It’s also very flexible and can be put in place at short notice. So, whether you need to call on our call handling service for planned annual leave, have support with specific campaigns, or cover emergency sickness cover, we won’t let you down.

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