Check, Change, Go. Are You Prepared?

On the 13th July 2020, the Government announced a major new campaign ‘CHECK, CHANGE, GO” to help businesses and individuals across the UK prepare for the end of the transition period following the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

The question is, do you feel, and more importantly, is your business prepared?

Have you considered, or have you already begun to put in place the contingency plans to ensure your business is able to survive?

Second regional lockdowns and redundancies of furloughed staff are understandably hot topics of conversation and a major cause for concern both for employers and employees. Regardless of the industry you may work in, our lives and working patterns have been severely impacted over recent months. For better or worse, everyone is having to adapt and find new ways to function.

Needless to say, it is an overwhelming and turbulent time for us all but, change can, more often than not be for the better. By flipping the situation over and looking at it from a positive and opportunistic perspective, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to shake things up within your business, to sit down and asses how your business is functioning, what is and isn’t working and really address the efficiency of your business practices.

How Should Businesses Adapt Post-Lockdown?

The fact that we’ve had no choice but to change the way our businesses operate, as well as those within it, should in truth be seen as a golden platter of a chance to streamline business activities. As such, it’s little surprise that there is one overriding trend within this context…the concept of outsourcing.

Outsourcing of tasks that your business depends upon to keep it ticking over but tasks that don’t necessarily require a full-time employee, and certainly not someone who needs to be working within your own office space, is one of the best ways to improve business functionality, now more so than ever.

Step in, VEASS! Short for “Virtual Executive Assistant Support Solutions”, our service is underpinned by the notion of outsourcing. We are here to help support you and your business during this unprecedented time and beyond, to ease the load and allow you to regain some sense of focus and control knowing all those nagging side projects are being taken care of.

When & Why To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

The Government’s “CHECK, CHANGE, GO” campaign holds a fitting strap line when it comes to how businesses are going to have to switch up their operations in order to survive (and hopefully thrive) if they haven’t already done so.

Given the lockdown restrictions, for obvious reasons, there has been a proliferation in the demand for Virtual Assistants and that demand is only increasing with the concern over future regional lockdowns as well as the imminent threat of wide-spread redundancies as businesses seek to stay afloat. The top priority for many business owners will be making sure there is sufficient cover and support securely in place sooner rather than later to keep every cog in the wheel running smoothly and efficiently no matter what lies ahead.

There is no doubt that virtual assistants can and will improve the efficiency of your business, but when, how and why are they most useful?

  1. When You Have Repetitive Tasks

Almost every business will have reoccurring daily tasks, like answering calls and replying to email enquiries. Essentially the things that take up a reasonable amount of time, are vital to keep the business running but could well be outsourced to an independent Virtual Assistant to manage and take off your hands.

  1. When You Have Ad-Hoc Work That Doesn’t Require A Full-Time Employee

The chances are there will be ad-hoc tasks occurring daily, weekly, monthly or even annually that simply don’t require a full-time member of staff. For instance, organising new business cards, researching new office equipment, monthly minute taking for board meetings. That’s where a Virtual Assistant can help. They are there for you as and when you need them.

If you would like to discuss your Virtual Assistance needs and how we can help you and your business to thrive, contact our friendly team.

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